The first Valencian paella recipe, formerly known as the Valencian rice, is from the 18th century. This dish received the name paella due to the pan in which it is made. The Valencian name of this skillet is paella which comes from the Latin word patella. First paella dishes were made with eel, green beans and snails. In the absence of these ingredients in other regions some new like rabbit and chicken were introduced. The paella from Valencia as it is known today is made with rabbit and chicken. A special type of rice cultivated in the province of Valencia is used for the Valencian paella.

The paella was expanded throughout the Spanish territory in which we can find different recipes for paella. The best-known recipes are ones for ¨paella valenciana¨ and paella mixta (meat and seafood). But there are also recipes with cauliflower, eggplant and other ingredients.

As making paella involves a lot of preparation it is mostly prepared on holidays or weekends with family or friends. Nowadays the paella is known as the national dish of Spain.

The paella is the favourite dish in our Restaurant El Trebol!