Campsite Rules

The present Internal Regulations of our establishment have been written in accordance with the legal applicable legislation according to the 119/2002, 30th Julio, of the Valencian Government, regulatory body of Tourist Campsites of the Valencian Region.  (Amended by Decree 167/2005, of 11th November, of the Regional Ministry and by the Decree 206/2010, pf 3rd December, of the Regional Ministry).


In order for all our guests to enjoy their stay, we kindly ask you to read the following:


1. Access to campsite

Anyone wishing to enter or stay on the campsite must first go to the reception desk.  Staying on the campsite means agreeing the campsite’s rules.  The guest whose name appears on the invoice is responsible for himself and anyone who would visit or stay with him.

2. Minors

Minors will only be accepted on the campsite if they are accompanied by their parents or any other adult responsible for them.

3. Visits

After being authorized by the campsite, daily visitors can visit the installations on your responsibility.  A daily fee will have to be paid for your visitors as they are using the campsite’s activities and/or facilities. (See rates at reception)

4. Cars and motorbikes

Only vehicles belonging to guests staying on the campsite are allowed on the campsite.  The speed limit is 10km/h.  The entrance to the campsite is closed at midnight and no movement by car or motorbike is allowed between midnight and 7:00 am. You will be able to park your car outside the campsite.

5. Vehicles and their accessories

Only vehicles in good conditions will be accepted on the campsite.  For security reasons, any accessory (such as awnings) has to comply with safety standards and not be handmade.

6. Noise

Any noise that might disturb neighbours must be avoided and silence is recommended between 11:00pm and 7:00am.

7. Facilities

Guests must keep their equipment and property tidy on their pitch.  Changing the appearance of your pitch is forbidden.  Setting boundaries of a pitch by your own means or digging the ground is forbidden.  Pitches must be left clean on departure.

Any action that may prove harmful or may interfere with the cleanliness, hygiene or appearance of the campsite is strictly forbidden.  Any damage occurred will be the responsibility of its author.

It is forbidden to add any tents in the bungalow area.

We ask you to respect the plants and flowers.  It is strictly forbidden to hammer nails in the trees, cut down any of the branches, or plant anything.

Washing is strictly forbidden outside of the sinks provided. It is forbidden to wash your vehicle on your pitch, a special area is provided to do so.

8. Dirty water

For hygienic and nature protection reasons, waste water will have to be disposed in the chemical toilets provided in the sanitary blocks.

9. Electricity

It is forbidden to connect your electricity to a connector that does not belong to your pitch.

10. Waste

Any household rubbish and paper must be put in bin liners and placed in the containers. Please pay attention to the rubbish colour code.

11. Security

Only electric or gas barbecues are allowed.  Only electrical equipment and connections that conform to safety regulations are allowed.  The management of the campsite El Torres may not be held responsible for any theft that occurs on the site.

Please inform the campsite reception immediately if you notice anybody or anything suspicious.  Though the campsite employs security, the customers of the site are asked to take all necessary measures for the safety of their property.

Customers must have their own civil insurance for damages that could occur on the campsite.

We thank you for respecting the security rules on display.

12. Dogs

Dogs must be kept on a leash.  They must not be left alone, not even on a leash.  The owners are fully responsible for their actions and must have the appropriate insurance and health certificates.  For the sake of all guests, it is obligatory that they be walked regularly outside the campsite.

Dog droppings are not allowed within the campsite.  Dogs are not allowed in the campsite’s communal areas (bar, open-air snack bar, reception and supermarket) and in the swimming pool areas.  Dogs of races considered dangerous are not allowed on the campsite.

13. Swimming-pool

We thank you for respecting our hygiene and security rules, as well as the opening times on display at the entrance of the swimming pool area.  We remind you a few of those rules:  Showers are obligatory before entering the pool, children over 8 years-old are not allowed in the children’s pool.  Children who have not been potty-trained yet will have to wear special swimming pool nappies.

14. Invoices

The balance of the invoice must be paid at least 24 hours before the client’s departure.  For clients staying over a month, invoices will have to be paid  monthly.

15. Display

These campsite rules are on display at the entrance of the campsite and at reception.  It is also available on our website.  It will be given to the client on request.

16. Violation of the rules

Clients who seriously infringe these rules can be asked by the management to leave the campsite.

17. Cause to terminate the contract

The duration of the occupation of a plot shall not exceed one year, regardless of the type of contract signed. All lots must be free for review at least once a year .  It is not allowed to install fixed elements that do not match with a temporary stay as usual on a campsite and / or harm the tourist image.

In particular no tiles, no fences, sinks, appliances and other things which  give the impression  that it is not a temporary stay should be placed. The placement of these elements is sufficient reason to terminate the contract without compensation. If the customer refuses after a warning to remove elements witch aren´t  allowed the contract will be terminated.


These rules have been written for your comfort so that you can enjoy your stay.

We would like to wish you a very pleasant stay with us at the campsite El Torres! !