Christmas at our Camping El Torres


Christmas at our Camping El Torres

At Camping el Torres,

our team takes the Christmas dates very seriously, we like that everyone can enjoy them since they are very special dates and we all like to celebrate them in the best company.
In the month of December, our entire campsite begins with Christmas preparations, the plots, at our reception, in the restaurant… We love to leave everything well decorated so that our clients can enjoy a charming Christmas at our Camping El Torres.
We take care of holding a contest in which we give a prize to the plot or bungalow with the best Christmas decoration, doing everything to create a good Christmas atmosphere among all.


Luis Ramón’s animation team also helps us so that the little ones can enjoy a Christmas full of laughter, joy, games and lots of fun.
They ensure that the children can decorate a Christmas tree themselves, cook Christmas cookies and many more activities so that the children can take home a great memory of a beautiful and above all fun Christmas.
We also have Santa Claus and his elves or the three Wise Men to visit all our clients by plot or bungalow.

The last dinner of the year

To say goodbye to the year, our restaurant team is always in charge of preparing a dinner so that clients can enjoy a New Year’s Eve full of joy and fun.
Inflatable mats, streamer competitions and much more for the children and DJ so that everyone can spend the new year dancing together,
An incredible experience that you don’t have to miss!

Our team loves Christmas and we do everything with a lot of love, we focus on every detail so that everything turns out perfectly and clients can enjoy such a wonderful experience at our El Torres campsite.

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