“Exploring Natural Richness: The 8 Most Spectacular Waterfalls near Camping El Torres in Alicante”

Fuentes-del-Algar. camping el torres

“Exploring Natural Richness: The 8 Most Spectacular Waterfalls near Camping El Torres in Alicante”

Fuentes-del-Algar. camping el torres
Fuentes-del-Algar. camping el torres


Nestled on the beautiful Costa Blanca, Camping El Torres is a haven for nature lovers seeking a unique camping experience in Alicante. We will guide you through the eight most spectacular waterfalls around our campsite, providing useful links to make your journey even more exciting and allowing you to enjoy 8 different yet most spectacular places in these areas.

1. El Pou Clar
At the source of the Clariano River and El Pou Clar, we find this set of natural pools. What surprises us most about this idyllic place is the size of the pools to cool off, as they are among the largest in the Valencian Community. A place to breathe nature just two kilometers from the village. Our recommendation is to leave the car at the Polideportivo and walk to the trail, as the parking lot is usually very crowded.

2. Serpis River Waterfall
Immerse yourself in the Sierra de Aitana to discover the majesty of the Serpis River Waterfall. This hidden gem offers a unique experience, with waters flowing between rocks creating a breathtaking visual spectacle.

3. Barranco de la Encantada
Nestled in the majesty of Alicante, Barranco de la Encantada emerges as a hidden treasure, ready to be explored. In this blog, we will delve into the beauty and mystery of this ravine, discovering its natural charms and sharing everything you need to know to live an unforgettable experience.

4. Les Fonts de l’Algar
Les Fonts de l’Algar are located in a magical corner of the Costa Blanca just minutes from Camping El Torres, where nature unfolds its splendor at every turn. They present themselves as a natural gift, a set of waterfalls and crystalline pools that flow in harmony. These sources are a perfect setting for those seeking to connect with nature. There are many services available: parking, toilets, picnic area… Making it one of the most recommended natural pools to go with children.

5. Sella Water Route
One of the most complete routes, where we will see springs gushing water, pools, waterfalls, channels, and waterfalls near the beautiful village of Sella, in the interior of the province. A route where the little ones will have a great time enjoying nature in its purest state. After the storms, the Salt de Sella comes down with more water than ever.

6. Puça’s Rambla
The well-known Puça’s Rambla, also called Rambla dels Molins, is one of those routes in Alicante that captivates the visitor, a route from the town of Petrer (Alicante) to enjoy, very easily, following the small course of the rambla to discover waterfalls, mini natural pools, or historic mills for flour production.

7. Penáguila Waterfall
In the majestic Sierra de Aitana, the Penáguila Waterfall dazzles with its imposing fall. A perfect destination for photography enthusiasts and those seeking the greatness of nature. To get there, you have to go through Font de la Teulería. As indicated by the Benilloba tourism site.

8. The Salt Waterfall
We culminate our journey in the Sierra de Mariola, where the Salt Waterfall stands out as the jewel in the crown. With its free fall and natural pools, this place offers a unique and memorable experience. It depends on the rains, which is why it is only possible to admire the spectacular Salt de Alcoi after episodes of heavy rain or torrential rains. It is recommended that there have been at least 50 liters/m2 the day before (or 2-3 days before) to be able to enjoy the waterfall.

Camping El Torres stands as the epicenter for exploring the magnificent waterfalls of Alicante. With these useful links, we invite you to delve into the natural richness surrounding our campsite and discover the magic that Alicante can offer. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure from Camping El Torres!

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